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What is ShowTrades?

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A ShowTrade is 5 Easy Steps

1. Choose a location

Choose either Manual Search or Auto-Match Search to find a band that fits your criteria.

If you choose Manual Search, you'll be able to filter by:

  • Bands interested in playing your town
  • Bands interested in your genre
  • By genre
  • By location
  • By guarantee
  • By age of the band

If you choose Auto-Match Search, Showtrades.com will find bands for you and e-mail you when a band with your designated criteria registers for the site. Just tell us what you're looking for in a trade, and we'll do the rest.


2. Search other bands

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3. Contact a band to offer a trade

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4. You play their town
5. They play your town

Become a Merchant

Do you sell custom t-shirts, buttons, stickers, or other band merchandise? Learn how you can become a ShowTrades merchant.